Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Sigh... So much for New Year's Resolutions. The diet has fallen by the wayside, my blog languishes - dusty and un-updated, I've barely even picked up my camera this year. I've fallen into a routine, stuck in a mind-numbing rut of same-ole-same-ole day in day out. Sleep, Drive, Check Facebook, Sleep again. Broke it briefly on my birthday with a trip to Hollywood - that was lots of fun. The photos are posted on my Facebook account if anyone is interested

We're at home right now. Got home Friday evening, a full weekend earlier than we'd planned on, and we're not due back out on the road till next Friday. Mike is putting the finishing touches on the upstairs bathroom, and I'm avoiding the next thing on my to-do list by updating my blog instead. Then I might go outside. It's a beautiful day, 75 degrees, breezy - very nice. Too nice to be stuck indoors cleaning out closets and deciding what to send off to Goodwill (worthy a task as that is). Ah, spring cleaning. 

For some reason I have an overwhelming urge to start a garden this year, but there's no point if I won't be here to tend it. 

 I did do one thing on my resolution list - I finally got around to making a Zazzle store to sell my photos on merchandise. Only have a few items in it so far, but you can check them out from the widget at the bottom of the page.

Oh, and I owe ZaZa Gallery a review. They sent me a free 8x10 print on canvas, one of the shots I took of two of the grandkids near a waterfall,  and I love it. High quality workmanship, great color. This is a great way to turn your photos into works of art. I plan to order more - at least one of each of the grandkids, as soon as I can free up a little wiggle room in the budget (and get off my butt and actually do it). Their prices are very reasonable - they start at $25 for an 8x10.


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