Sunday, February 15, 2009
Sitting in the eerie fog in Arcadia, Florida this morning. Mike and I got a couple of days of R&R at home, then it was back to running again.  And here we are, back in Florida, which I love - except for the traffic. And parking? In Florida? Faggedaboutit! As far as that goes it really is the sixth burough of New York City. 

Last time we were down here we had to drive forever to find a place to park to wait for our next load. Well, OK, most of the driving was to get a trailer wash out. Some shippers, especially if they are shipping food products, are very picky about how clean your trailer is (and with good reason, so I'm not complaining, just venting a little :) ). The only truck wash in the Lakeland area - the old Haines City truck wash - shut down last year, which means that the only place to get a trailer wash-out is in Tampa, which means a 60 mile round trip and lots of Snow-Bird traffic. 

But despite all the traffic I still love Florida. There's just something about this state. Or maybe I've just listened to to much Jimmy Buffet and read too many Carl Hiaasen novels. But then, having lived in Florida in my childhood (albeit the slightly saner northern part of the state) I can attest to the fact that tropical heat does make folks a little crazy.  That's part of the charm of the place I guess. I just feel more alive down here, and I love seeing the moonlight reflected off the water, the moss draped oaks and palm trees, the chance that if I watch close enough I might catch a glimpse of an alligator, or maybe a manatee in the water, or a Miami Vice style high speed boat chase. Yeah, I've definitely been reading too much Carl Hiaasen.

Our next load takes us out to California, but first we get to go play in Orlando traffic. Joy. I just hope this fog lifts.


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